Engage and Lead is a practical guide to leading authentically. The activities throughout this book will provide you the tools to improve your leadership and the engagement of your employees.

Chapter 1: Know Yourself

In Chapter 1 you will dig deep into your WHY, your reason for being. Your WHY, or CALLING, is uncovered through your story. It is through your story we will reveal the self-imposed barriers limiting your success. You will discover how your mental models, your perception of how the world works, keep you stuck. It will be exciting as you find the freedom to craft your CALLING statement that will guide everything you do going forward.

Chapter 2: Do What's Right

Once you know your WHY, the next step is to amplify HOW you lead. All leadership is moral leadership. In Chapter 2 you will investigate what it means to be a moral leader. Doing what's right is an intentional effort to reach your leadership potential. This chapter will clarify the six foundations of ethical and moral leadership.

Chapter 3: Focus on What Matters

The next step is to focus on the WHAT. The goal of Chapter 3 is to identify what you do on a daily basis to be an effective leader. You will understand what is distracting you from what really matters and where to shift your focus. We will delve into the 4 traps you fall into that sabotage your success. Finally, you will know exactly what to keep yourself and your team focused on to increase revenue 10X or even 100X.

Chapter 4: Engage Your Team

A highly productive team is your greatest asset in business. Your experiences shape the interactions you have with your team. That's why Chapter 4 focuses on developing Authentic and Transparent work relationships. You are tasked with the incredible responsibility to develop a cohesive team that accomplishes the mission or purpose of your business. You will discover the 4 essential characteristics of authentic work relationships that will give your business a competitive advantage.

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